CartonERP software

About Workpack

Workpack Solutions is a software provider and consulting group that focuses in high-end ERP systems and supporting technology for folding carton manufacturing in the packaging and food production industries.



We have a proven background in manufacturing with years of
experience developing systems to support manufacturers, and can draw from a
broad range of facilities when generating ideas to solve a variety of
production issues and inefficiencies. We have partnered with many organizations to integrate systems, improve communications and create leaner fail-safe processes.


Custom Software

Custom ERP software written by our WorkPack programmers is used by many types of manufacturing companies, including folding carton manufacturers, packaging companies,  food processing facilities, material handling operations, health care organizations and more.


Materials and Distribution Center

Our team of consultants has a combined total of over
50 years of experience in designing and managing materials systems. Our team
uses a combination of highly skilled consultants, supported with proprietary
engineering software (DcIP). No other team could offer such a strong
combination of collaborative expertise and automated modeling tools.

Struggling with space, or facing the need to rent extra
facilities? A visit from our team would be of benefit.