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Big Data. Everyone is talking about it, but to be effective, data needs to be captured and actionable. This is why we developed WIP Tracker. WIP Tracker provides contextual data allowing manufacturers to better analyze all aspects of their work in progress. This isn’t just another reporting tool, this solution connects things that you probably haven’t thought about. It’s able to aggregates production data in context, providing insightful and actionable data throughout the company.

How WIP Tracker Works

This integrates equipment and processes to give you a clear picture of what is happening on your manufacturing floor so that at ANY POINT, with a click of a button, you can see who ran what job, with what material, on which machine and what variables might have impacted their production.

This software solution provides data visualization and reporting on all aspects of your manufacturing processes, available at any time, from any device. This communication tool connects management, production staff, machines, operators, customer service staff, sales people and more – so everyone has time sensitive information when they need it most. After all, if we can measure it, you can improve it.

If We Can Measure It, We Can Improve It

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Software + Hardware

WIP Tracker is a combination of hardware and software that directly connect to your equipment so you can literally see and track the precise details of any job, at any specific point in production, down to the second: dates, times, machines, speeds, operators, overall equipment efficiency, and even the exact material details.






What Data Does WIP Tracker Provide?

Visibility: Real Time Data, from Anywhere

  • Live Dashboards
  • Smart Phones/Mobile Devices
  • Machine Speeds & Status

Traceability: What, Where & Who

  • Materials – Machines – Staff
  • Auto Generated Skid Tags
  • Contextual Data & Charts

Efficiency: Measure It, Improve It

  • O.E.E. (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Operator Performance

How Can WIP Tracker Impact Your Production?

  • Clarify production issues – machine, staff, material?
  • Improve set up & make ready times
  • Provide better data for job costing
  • Respond quicker to customer’s on job status
  • Easy access to past data – for future quotes

See What WIP Tracker Can Do for You.

WIP Tracker is an ideal solution for improved manufacturing processes, communications, OEE reporting, traceability, and mobile visibility of your operations. Call us for a demo today: 616-422-4ERP or request more information online now.


Contextual Data, What is it?

For year business was managers looking at data on green bar paper or worse. Then along came charts and reporting software that presents data in two detentions and we thought we were cool.  WIP Tracker takes this progression to the next level. Three-dimensional information showing in context your traditional time / speed axes, with other critical information over the top. Move your mouse along the chart and see who was on the machine, what raw materials were present, and environmental information all at the same time.

Version 2.0 of WIP Tracker | Coming January 2017

An updated hardware kit allows for more connection options to your equipment and easy setup. Whether you chose to use an optical sensor or electrical pulls, the hardware is ready for your needs.

Improved Set Up & Calibration

Calibration of the optics is  now “hands-free” and can now be performed through the software rather than manually adjusting the sensor. This is a welcome upgrade, especially for those sensors in hard to reach areas.

Faster Data Speeds

On the communication side, the control now connects to the server using a different port than the users are using and sends a much leaner signal. This update  cuts down on network traffic and can improve performance of networks (speed) that are not always the best out on the  shop floor. By deploying distributed processing we can turn large volumes of data into meaningful information transferred to a reporting server. Giving you insightful data, even faster than before.