Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the software?

The software is provided as a service and contracts start as low as $1,200 per month for CartonWorks, and $1,900 a month for CartonERP.


What is the cost of the Service Contract?
The price is set on a per facility basis, and is pegged to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). That means the price for new contracts changes depending on inflation.  Feel free to email us for the latest in pricing.


Why provide the software as a monthly subscription?
Our aim is to become part of your team and not just sell you new software every five years. We want a business that is healthy, stable, and dependable. The conventional model for software sales is full of challenges when it comes to cash flow and advancements. We were looking for an alternative to that old model that offered consistent cash flow, low risk for customers, constant improvement, and the ability to maintain strong relationships in the industry. 


What is included in the price per user?
Because the software is sold on a per facility basis, the number of users is unlimited, and no extra cost for adding users or computers. Use of the software and all of its features are included. Updates and additions are also included as they are released. Basic support for your team is included as well. In addition, we serve as your Data Base Administrator (DBA) in many ways, and can provide most quick reports or edits as needed.


Is there a minimum number of users?
No. Prices are set based on the size of the facility measured by sales and a couple other factors. Within that facility you may have as many users as you want. 


What programming language and database is the software created in?
The software is programmed in php, Ajax, and HTML. The database is MySql. These are open source technologies that have proven to be dependable fast and well-suited for such a system. The technology can handle thousands of users at a time if necessary.


What type of server will we need to run the software on?

The system will run on virtually any type of server. Most of our customers prefer to run the software on a local Windows server.  In most cases existing equipment is more than capable of running the software and no server upgrade is required.


Can I use reporting software to create my own reports as needed?
Yes, you can use Crystal Reports or other reporting software. We create an Open Database Connection (ODBC) for you and provide you with a data dictionary. The database design is easy to understand, and pulling data out of the system for special reports is easy to do if you are familiar with queries or report writing.


Will you help with implementation?
Yes, we offer implementation support if you would like to import data from your legacy system. Implementation support is provided at an extra charge.


Do you offer on location training?
Yes, we offer training on location. Initial startup assistance and training is recommended.  While we are sure you will find the system to be very intuitive, some training would help to ensure your team takes advantage of the most important features. We also host several online courses and one on one online training.


Can we use the system on our Mac workstations?

Yes, this system will run on any Mac or PC with a web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Fire Fox. The system will even run on smart phones and templates.


Can we access this system remotely?
Yes, the system works very well with a remote connection. For security we recommend a VPN connection, over which users can run the software remotely with a smartphone, tablet or computer.