The history of CartonERP

In 1999, Version 1.0 of CartonERP was created for a single carton plant in the Midwest. The original version was developed using current day technology. By 2005, a number of large business systems had been developed for companies outside of the folding carton industry.

It became clear that web-based applications operating via web browser would be the future. Over a two year period, CartonERP was rebuilt using a new interface that allowed users to access the software from any platform.

Demand for the creation and building of systems like this has increased greatly. In the years after the completion of CartonERP Version 2.0, software systems for service companies, engineering firms and the area’s largest healthcare provider have also been built.

In 2010, with the encouragement of several carton plants from around the country, the development of Version 3.0 of the Folding Carton ERP system began. The new version was created with the capacity to handle a wider variety of carton plants including those that manufacture stock box, flexo, and rigid boxes.

Today, CartonERP Version 3.X is running in carton plants all over North America and has been greeted with enthusiasm throughout the industry. After 18 years of evolution and improvement, the system has grown into one of the most robust business systems developed for the folding carton industry.

CartonERP and our other products are provided by Workpack Solutions in Grand Rapids, Michigan. CartonERP is supported by a team of professionals with many years of experience in the folding carton industry.